"While I do miss the art that Brittney Williams once brought to the pages of Goldie Vance, I do find Hayes’ work in this recently finished arc to be refreshing. His work pairs well with Larson and Bell’s writing and compliments the style of story portrayed in the series. It’s just different enough from Williams’ work to not feel jarring while still keeping the spirit of how she drew the characters, which I think made for a smooth transition."

"The Verdict: 10/10"


"Where the book also shines though is a synthesis in the tone of the writing and the art. Noah Hayes brings a very light cartoonish touch to the art that allows for a great deal of flexibility in managing the light-hearted nature of the book, as well as giving a chance for Hayes to show off his skill for faces and physical comedy in the context of Goldie Vance and its heightened reality."

"Four Prescription Ones out of Five"